Heat Guardian

It's a hardcore top-down shooter set in a freezing world. You’ll have to travel through the dying lands to find the one last stronghold of humanity – trying your best to stay alive. Deadly mutants, limited resources and even the world itself make this journey a trial only the most skilled survivors can endure. In this grim place there is no easy way – prepare to fight for your life!


Storyline. The road to the vault is long. You will meet many strangers on your way. You will visit frozen lakes and murky catacombs.

Recognizable setting. The story takes place in an alternative future on post-apocalyptic open spaces of undetermined CIS country.

Hardcore. You can't run for too long in the cold. Enemies attack all time, but the number of bullets is limited.

Cold’s mechanics. It's dangerous to be outside for too long: the hero freezes, loses health and stops running.

Survival mode Monsters and bandits are infinite. How long will you last? Are you good enough to be in the Leaderboard?

Impressive arsenal. More than 50 weapons to suit all tastes. Pistols, rifles, shotguns. Choose what you like.